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people need to know يحتاج الناس إلى معرفته

The breath of evil. Daeesh brand Tikrit massacre 

This article was issued on February the 26th 2016 by Yeni Safak Turkish daily in the english version and by Derin Ekonomi magazine in Turkish language in the January 2016 … Continue reading

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Former US spy speak out about Libya

Interview on Libya crisis with Colonel Anthony Shaffer former Dia officer now tv commentator and bestseller writer Syria’s bloody mess, Iraq’s State fading, Egypt’s democratic step back and Libya’s quagmire are … Continue reading

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The Voice of Reason in Islam

Now after Nice foolish attack and Turkey failed golpe it became extremely hard gives voice to reason issues. But we want keep up in proposing point of views out of … Continue reading

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The last duel. Usa-China confrontation

  Usa has to consume less, China has to consume better. Otherwise they will consume fast all global resources, considering among them even atmosphere and water. Basically and with all … Continue reading

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The war against the Caliphate. A Tunisian perspective

Tunisi. Jihhadist attack of March the 18th in Bardo was a scarf on the  new Tunisian democracy. It happened  after we heard for months of ongoing celebrations about the only … Continue reading

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There are two images that have hammered the media and the web in recent weeks from the Middle East:  “the hell pinpoint” bombing in Gaza, according to very apt definition … Continue reading

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Apparent life. Message from Hebron

This reportage was written in the days of the tragic kidnapping of three Israelian boys close to Hebron, in West Bank. It can help to explain the mood, feelings and … Continue reading

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