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The unthinkable: China-US war

​ The South China Sea crisis is just a piece of a big puzzle involving even Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. The main frame is the China-U.S. confrontation in Asia. It … Continue reading

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The Second Green Economy Wave

​ It was based, just to give an example, on sun, with solar cells technology, wind, with the forest of white windmills shaping the landscape, and hybrid and alternative sources … Continue reading

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Capitalism versus Democracy

​ Is a conflict between capitalism and democracy on stage? Some recent books and articles seems to envisage it. But is it real or just another narrative? Moreover, is it … Continue reading

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Iraq retakes Iraq

What is the formula to rebuild a new Iraq again, after numerous failures? Can the winning offensive of the Iraqi security forces, the Army, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and … Continue reading

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The breath of evil. Daeesh brand Tikrit massacre 

This article was issued on February the 26th 2016 by Yeni Safak Turkish daily in the english version and by Derin Ekonomi magazine in Turkish language in the January 2016 … Continue reading

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Former US spy speak out about Libya

Interview on Libya crisis with Colonel Anthony Shaffer former Dia officer now tv commentator and bestseller writer Syria’s bloody mess, Iraq’s State fading, Egypt’s democratic step back and Libya’s quagmire are … Continue reading

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The Voice of Reason in Islam

Now after Nice foolish attack and Turkey failed golpe it became extremely hard gives voice to reason issues. But we want keep up in proposing point of views out of … Continue reading

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