Beyond the News ما وراء الأخبار

people need to know يحتاج الناس إلى معرفته

Jakarta’s muslims warning bell

Along the Jalan Merdeka boulevards crowded with hundreds of thousands of protesters belonging to Muslim organizations – among them the FPI Islamic defenders front and HMI Muslim student organization – a new chapter for Jokowi’s presidential mandate, and for Indonesia, has begun. A warning bell has rung. Apparently, it was a direct attack against the capital’s governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, called Ahok. A man belonging to Jokowi’s team. However, the core issue could be different. The presidential chair could be at stake. Joko Widodo has spent the past year trying to build new alliances to escape the tight hug of his own party (the PDI-P) that has slowed down his reforms, forced him to accept some “unpresentable” persons inside the government, made him lose supporters fed up with corruption and cronyism, while the government’s fight against wrong-doers seems slowing down. Even the relation with his political mentor, Megawati Sukarnoputry, a former president and powerful daughter of the country’s father, Sukarno, was at stake. Rumors whisper that frictions rose along with key-role nominations, like the Police chief. Perhaps Jokowi’s competitors have been figuring out a revamping of their already faded political careers. Among them, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono may have played a role even on the Friday November 4th protest. He could have helped fueling people on streets. But it is just a speculation. Even if Jokowi, at Friday’s midnight press conference, after avoiding his scheduled travel to Australia, talked about the responsibility of “political actors” that took advantage of this situation to weaken Ahok as competitor in next February local election for the governor’s post. A seat that can easily spin a candidate to the presidential office, as it happened for Jokowi.
On the eve of the rally it was supposed to gather a few thousands on the ground. The outcome was stunning: several hundreds of thousands were “marching” in ordered ranks. I witnessed this for eight hours, from the center of the protest; it was a peaceful event until the police decided it was the time to clear up, after the authorized time expired in the Monas area. The more violent episodes happened in the Northern district, notorious for the presence of criminality. An area where it is easy to recruit agents provocateurs or where just the presence of police in large numbers is likely to result in violent reaction. A “model” of events I have already witnessed even in the Middle East and North Africa. As it happened in Cairo when President Morsi pushed the resignation in July 2013: a huge and peaceful demonstration took place in front of the presidential palace residence (Kasr al Ithadia). However, after 8:00 pm, when the protest was almost over, ill-intentioned men arrived from a nearby district, resulting in a police reaction that left 22 people dead on the ground. Of course, this point was stressed by some media without any accurate reporting at the time.(…) click here to read full article


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