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The live and die in West Bank #bringbackourboys

The explosive situation in West Bank now have found a trigger: the abduction of three yeshiva student close to Hebron. A fake process to build a Palestinians State, an instable peace road map, a de facto Israel ruling of WB, the green light for unsane military blitz coming from Egypt, Syria, Libya and post arab spring countries, the “ground zero” Eu policy hostage of Germany will, are some items of political IED in Palestine


Idf soldiers at Hebron Shuhada steet crosspoint

By Pierre Chiartano Ramallah –Three boys, teenagers yeshiva students, have disappeared Thursday night. Two are very young, just 16 years old, one slightly older than 19. They were in Alon Shvut in the West Bank, southwest of Jerusalem near Hebron, one of many Israeli settlements dotting, more and more frequently, the territory of the West Bank. They were heading to Kafr Ezion, when the gps of their phones have stopped signaling. Everybody are looking for them. The IDF, the Shin Bet, the Palestinian police, although technically the three youngs deseaperd in area not under responsability of PA. And with land fragmentation in A, B and C areas is easy to get an  headache. The hope is to find them alive. The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has immediately called president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. One of the three guys is a Us citizen. All are now breathless in the hope of finding them alive.
And if that does not happen, the risk of an “insane” – and useless – retaliation would become certainty. Israel and the Netanyahu government will unleash hell on the West Bank. A fragile truce, a fake process of building a Palestinian state, the continued violation of the basic rights of those seeking to live in the West Bank, would build an explosive mixture with unpredictable outcomes.

 From Ramallah everything is faded. Here you can live well, despite a high unemployment rate, the appearance is that of a city finally out of long lasting poverty and it shows a face enterprising, modern and efficient. The neighborhood south of the city, where I’ve got my hotel room, is full of diplomatic missions, foundations, districts that alternate on the slopes of steep ravines, white as tufa, shining like the ancient stone that composes them. Where a sort of urban disorder changes in a good quality residential buildings. Between a mosque and the visible Chinese consulate you can witness the city changing its skin. But how long can last this fiction? Israel does not trust anyone of the Palestinian interlocutors. Each time a table of negotiations reopened, as if by magic, increases the number of houses in settlements, destroying any prospect of building a real Palestinian state. The continuity of the territory is threatened, violated and virtually erased. Sooner or later this perfect mechanism that makes everyone happy except the Palestinians, it will break. Even many Arab countries want to keep open a file “Palestine” to use in international deals or for internal political pourposes.

If you are a Bedouin and try to build yourself, with few bricks, something that is a step above a shack, it will break down soon. If UNRWA provides you with a caravan, since you have a large family, it will be seized. If the Red Cross gives you a tent it will be seized even that … Israel should learn from the Roman Empire as a to “captivate” the conquered peoples, without triggering bombs on the doorstep. The wall did  work. It’s true. The cynics say that not only has cleared the attacks (true) but that having thwarted the “military” option away from agenda has pushed the Palestinians to focus more on economy and trade (likely). Perhaps Israel is no longer a democratic state while being modern and efficient, has certainly a democratic society that  judges, sees and knows. And there are many Israelis who are spending to help the Palestinians, with stamped paper and patience, to resist the erosion of the new settlements. But it is not enough. For so many other Israelis Jerusalem and the West Bank is a window to be kept closed. There everyone “are unsane” too many open wounds, old and new, from both sides. Too many daily complaints. Too many outside interests at stake.

If you want to visit the al-Aqsa mosque and you are a foreigner, you get two hours in a row under a scorching sun. To see the gold dome just 5 minutes, “staying close to the wall, please”. If you wish to enter and pray in the mosque – and you do not have an Arabic passport or similar – you have to be subject to an interrogation by an IDF soldier who will evaluate if you’re Muslim!

The Oslo agreements would need to run a new generation of political leaders. By both sides.Viewed from the ground, the project of a sovereign Palestinian state … seems an “optical illusion”, a flag to wave to keep “calm” two to three million Palestinians who would otherwise be unmanageable. But times change. And people too. Without putting on the table the security of Israel what is happening around the Arab world, situations can remove sleep, appetite and serenity to any strategist. The climate is suitable for classic push “crazy” policies. Europe, on paper, could play a decisive role. Currently does what it can, in some cases, on the ground, is a game changer. But Angela Merkel and the German people should understand that holds Union hostage of a model of foreign policy near to “ground zero”, is a suicidal strategy for the interests of Europe itselves. Especially now that the political winds, unfortunately, is changing. In the West Bank and Gaza, the EU – cleaning up any fouling ideological or post-ideological mindsets – could make a difference.

Now those poor, unfortunate boys of school yeshiva are inside a huge risiko of interests. We must pray for them, for their salvation. In order for certain follies policies do not take hold, so that common sense will prevail. And three young lives will not sacrificed on the altar of human madness, Inshallah. The Israeli government thinks that has been a downturn in the Territories drove by  agreement between  the Pa and Hamas (Harakat al muqawama to islamyya). That the Islamic Resistance has “infected” the West Bank with its logic of terrorism. If we can speak of logic when dealing with an organization that has had too many sponsors: Damascus, Tehran, Cairo and Tehran again. They would have been foiled several attempts to kidnap the past few weeks. One way to have a bargaining chip. We do not know if it’s true, but it would be “stupid” given the experience of 2006 in the South of Lebanon. Hezbollah has simply deleted the “kidnapping of Israelis” from its agenda. Many “reasons” lead to think the reaction of Israel could be violent also in this case. It would be a disaster for the Palestinian people, even if they think they have nothing to lose: there is no limit for the worst. It would be the end of a slow, difficult at times fruitless peace process. But above all, it would be a good excuse to put a tombstone on Palestinian state.


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