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Ashamed media system: Syria and “the scandal of cross”

Occident has to face that is seeding rage, hate and will of revenge for the scandalous way ignores and turns head away from ashamed realities in islamic countries


KilisPierre Chiartano. We are outraged watching photos and video showing what is going on in Syria. The cross with dead bodies posted as the flag of nonsense violence hit our sensibility. We have to stress that are bodies of christians and muslims in a sort of victims brotherhood, that tells us that religion is not the point. But there is something ashamed for western countries: the silence of media about all news that are not casted in the row of “official story to tell”. Syria is not the only example but is an “astonishing” one. We heard about no human ways to kill persons, cutting their legs before a slow motion behead, crucifixions and so on in the record of slaughtering handbook. But “expert” knows since two years the existence of training camps in North of Lebanon, where “criminals” get the right skill and “motivation” to go in Syria daily and let the blood pours. Who funds those boot camps of horror? Who feeds those guys with drug to make them more and more cruel in their “operation”?

Even for this question there is an answer… Well known! Two Gulf countries and one european!!! Out of few cases, media ignore this information. Too much envolving to be issued? Too big to be published? Or too big for the poor foreign affairs culture of our jounalists (directors, chief editors)? Or can we immagine a silence cospiracy in the era of Ict? Or a sort of “rule” for embedded media?

But the worst part of this sad story has to come. I wrote, a couple of years ago, about this topic on italian newspaper, what I missed was the reasons of this kind of foolish “strategy”. At the begining I belived was a way to overthrow Bashar al Assad by the mean of “radical muslims soldiers” (in afghan antisoviet war fashion). Last november I went on turkish-syrian border for a period and I made a short trip inside Syria. It took few hours to understand the blank issue on my record. Most probabily sending this platoons of doped criminals, likely “fake muslims”, is a way to push civilians to get armed. As byproducts “someone” can states about thousands of syrian armed against Assad, that is, without any doubts, another “slaughter”. “Assad has the bad habit to send airplanes or artillery to bomb districts where could be enough police action” this statement was of iranian general in charge of al Qods special force, “clean up” ground militaries that support Assad regime. In this case the responsability are of specific countries for their foolish way to combat a criminal using criminal strategy…against civilians (most are muslims). But there are a broader responsability of a media system blind and deaf at best. In such a way Occident is seeding rage, hate and will of revenge… A wonderful task for democracies.


2 comments on “Ashamed media system: Syria and “the scandal of cross”

  1. muslim
    May 13, 2014

    They were all muslims (no chirstians involved), they were accused of murder and “treason”, they were shot and later hanged on the Cross.

    • cronacheluterane
      May 13, 2014

      Thx for comment, you are right about Raqqa episode… but that is not the issue of article. Even more you stress the point isn’t religion the fraimwork where put syrian files

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