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Erdogan, Fisk and “sarin gas plot”


That turkish premier, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is turning into a sort of dictator,  no doubts…but states as Robert Fisk do that Turkey planned a so complex strategy in Syria allowing …. better pushing for the use of sarin gas… sounds a bit too much! Turkey barely can control the stripe of land close to its border. Everytime Ankara has tried to close border passages a bomb answer came to remind Erdogan about his weakness. Thinking that Ankara made a plan to put into his control Syria – a place that now nobody can control – it is RIDICULOUS!

by Pierre Chiartano – Tunis. Robert Fisk is a benchmark for reporting journalism. No doubts about that. He stands on sides of people when political dirty games stepped over the freedoms and the lives of lessers. Everytime he was there to write the “truth”. So I was surprised reading his last article issued on Indipendent about an alleged plan of Erdogan government to destabilize Bashar Assad regime, using sarin gas. More, it sounds ridicolous even think about such a “strategy” for several reasons. He quoted an investigative article of a colleague, but there are some logical obstacles against this theory.

1. Turkey barely control the stripe of its tertitory along syrian border. Everytime Ankara tried to close border gates an explosive answer arrived to remembef Erdogan how much is weak his gov about that issue

2. Syria is actually out of control. Even the delay in shipping away chemical weapons stock was due to Damascus missed  control of stripe that bring convoy to Latakia seaport

3. Erdogan doesn’t trust his own militaries, how can he even think to take control of Syria? Just imagine about a remote managing of a single piece of Syria shows to be an impossible task

4. Sarin gas stock in Lybia are under control of western “means” …

So no doubts that Erdogan turned his government into an authocratic fashion ruling . No doubt that he put  in garbage 10 years of stunning development as first islamic country merged in Nato enviroment and Middle east “mood”.
But the part of article that suggest the “sarin plot” against Assad, to drive Washington into war against Damascus, sounds a bit ridiculous!



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