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Al Qaeda, next door. Report from turkish-syrian border

The civil war in Syria is becoming a big game, where faith, money, external interests and summary executions are different sides of the same shadow: nobody can control or stop the war

Syria check point guy 1(1)Pierre Chiartano – Azaz/Syria. Bab el Salam is a gate to paradise or a quick entry to hell, it depends what side you come from. Just 5 kilometers south of the turkish city of Kilis and 8 kilometers north of Azaz, a syrian rural town, now in hands of Islamic state in Iraq and Levant, a new brand of al Qaeda network in Syria. I walked about 15 minutes trough the long road between the turkish and the syrian crossborder gate, before a green bus with no passengers on board stop to get me on. Nobody is entering in Syria in this period. Turkish police border officers told me like a mantra: “don’t go, it is dangerous even for few hours. Till now 14 journalists disapeared in this area”. Anyway I had to accomplish my task and finish my investigation job:

Are international jihadists still pouring in syrian conflict? What about the final destination of all hightech weapons till now have feeded all rebels factions? The AK 47 on a little wooden table was the only sign of border authorityin syrian side checkpoint. Ahmad, a young man with a scattered beard and white shirt, was the chief, even more younger were the other freedom fighters in this outpost. I suppose they were a detachment of Northern storm brigade of Fsa, but maybe was already a merged group of Fsa and Isil. After they fought one month ago in Azaz for the leadership of military opposition in these area, maybe they have found a deal. An agreement to fight Assad regime and a covenant to share crossborder smuggling. A big business.
Hatay, more than 4 hour of bus southwest of Kilis, is a terminal were jihadists come before go into Syria trough illegal crosspoints along the border. Reyhanli is a small town where in little hotels and private houses those fighters for Islam stay few days before the great jump for jihad (few months ago a terrible blast of a bombing car made more than 50 victims). Most of them come from Bosnia, Kosovo, Gulf’s states but even from Algeria and Tunisia. And you can find someone not islamic fighter from Europe or from Usa. They joined the war against dictatorship. When they choose a brigade (khatiba) they seem don’t care about how much radical is it but how well armed is. A mindset that only if you has been in Syria, you can understand. Now most of foregneirs poured in Isil and al Nusra become more syrian and “moderate”. A way to open door to Fsa fighters want join stronger khatiba to keep on war against Assad. The presence of Kurdish brigades make syrian panorama even more complex than it be supposed. Now they are collecting hightech weapons for “next” war. Something concerning a lot Ankara government and Hakan Fidan chief of Mit (Milli istihbarat teskilati) National intelligence organization, now in the middle of judiciary storm and of a battle for political power in Turkey. Some Usa officers charge him for easy deliveries of weapons to syrian rebels. But Ankara stance about Syria is uncomforable. Everytime Turkey planned to close the turkish-syrian border (more than 900 km) she received a bombing answer, as happened in Reyhanly or in Gazantyep. Even the “financial jihad” doen’t make syrian job easier. A lot of so called Fsa khatibe are joining islamic network or change their name as islamist fashion to gain rich Gulf supporters funding. On the field you can see there is not a strategy room. But everybody feel that al Qaeda “brand” is good for business. For the khatiba because means money, weapons and a sort of respect of fear. For Turkey because in this way can claim the slogan “al Qaeda on Nato border” gaining a pivotal role to Washington. It is a bargain for Riad because means that there is no future for “arab springs” if the final destination is the network of mr. Al Zawahiri. It is a fashionable way for Assad and Putin to say “we told the world that in Syria was not going on a people revolution” but just a struggle against terrorists. Teheran like everykind of means that destabilyze competitors (Saudia, Turkey, Israel). For Israel is a turning point toward a more defined policy in Middle East. It is much easier manage al Qaeda treath than reform its onw policy to face a Middle East with several islamic “democratic” states as Turkey. For all those middleastern players anyway is a way to take money from America.


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    Date of the post – 12/31/2013. The reporter appears to have written from the Syrian-Turkish border and patched together information perhaps less accessible through the majors. On foreign fighters in Syria, this stood out: “When they choose a brigade (khatiba) they seem don’t care about how much radical is it but how well armed is. A mindset that only if you has been in Syria, you can understand. “

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