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Tunis cospiracy: the Brahmi affair

Pierre Chiartano – Tunis. You can find the hospital Charles Nicolle in Bab Souika, a neighborhood in the northeast of the Tunisian capital. Just under a flyover of an expressways. In front of a crossroad where yellow cabs and traffic messy are the soundtrack. Two big trees shade the entrance and some guards open and close a large light blue gate – it is not the door of Paradise. They control documents, chat with friends and colleagues. Only the presence, a few yards in there, of a van with insigna of Brigade d’intervention rapids and the black uniforms of two policemen make you understand that it’s not a day like any other. It is Thursday, July 25th, late afternoon, and the body riddled with 14 bullets of Mohamed Brahmi, was just brought in. He was a member of the Constituent Assembly, leftist, founder of the Popular Front to which he belonged. He died around 12.00 o’clock at Ariana hospital where he had been carried agonyzing, killed in front of family members, a few meters from his home in the neighborhood of Cité al-Ghazali. It happened just six months later the assassination of Chokri Belaid, another member of the gauchiste opposition. Brahmi and his family deserve our respect, sympathy, human piety for the terrible tragedy that has overwhelmed them. The same respect is due to the hundreds of youngs and olds that the same day had pained, angered, helplessness before this episode of senseless violence. That’s it. But what happened on the day of the feast of the Republic of Tunisia looks like a farce. Poorly organized, too. But first of all we need a forward to understand better. After tensions in Turkey and Egypt, analysts and experts were all ready to count the weeks, days and hours that separated us from the moment would come for Tunisia turnover. The great tsunami that was causing the earthquakes of great project of light Islam would reach the smaller pillar, but historically important, of political Islam. In Turkey, the long stay in power, the inexperience of Egypt and some political mistakes, especially in the economic field, had long made more fragile the legs on which rested the crescent moon. In Tunisia,0 then the match with the Egyptian situation had become almost a vox populi. The tunisian  economy is not exactly brilliant, but still in full growth – especially when compared with the GDP numbers (below zero) of the Italian one – and it wanted a political fee has been paid. So far so clear, the portfolio leads the people in the ballot box and in the case of Muslim countries, it guide also in Main street. The problem arises instead from those who would direct and manipulate not only the popular sentiment, but the extraordinary strength exercises by the people, a force that is very similar to a democratic public opinion. They want accomplishe this task with cunning and tricks worthy and good for others times and places. Reasoning by contradiction, since France is again at the forefront since the Libyan affair. It looks like the DGSE (the old SDECE), the foreign intelligence service of Paris, had enlisted, in in the field of political outreach and special operations, the candidates of the evening schools. Now that the nodes of the situation in Egypt come home to roost, the army and his chief of staff el Sissi lose compass and reason, there is no more time to wait. Tunisia was “booked” for September, but “they” must  anticipate the times to shore up the creaking situation in Egypt, dangerously close to a resounding disaster. The trigger is the classic one: a political murder. But the victim should not be too politically strong, because his group could angrily search for truth. Better to choose a second line figures. And we apologize because, in times of mourning, we have to emphasize that Brahmi does not politically shine. The more impotant battle of the murdered politician was, recently, the proposal to introduce a provision in the new Constitution that would prohibit any relationship with the State of Israel. The timing France 24 released the the new of death of Tunisian politician and upcoming resignation of the government of Ennahda and the so-called Troika, was only overcame by  Francois Hollande speech before the French Parliament. And a jarring notes were immediate charges against Islamic inspiration party  brought by the wife of Brahmi – authorized to accuse those she want to – and his daughter – poor child – probably with an interview with a videophone, immediately broadcasted. An example of not “nice” journalism. If it was not a tragedy, which cost the life of a man, you’d laugh at the roughly approximation which was conducted throughout the operation. By hipotesys, why Ennadah, who has made mistakes of course, would have to commit political suicide action with nonsense like this. Without meaning, without the slightest political comeback, without a reason and without any logic. Sheer madness. But in the meantime the media machine – in and out of the country –  started chopping it all: truth, logic, and unfortunately the hope for a better future for the people of Tunisia. A people who have every right to send home a government if it believes has not worked well, but has to do it on their own.


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