Beyond the News ما وراء الأخبار

people need to know يحتاج الناس إلى معرفته

Bashar, the “lucky guy” of Damascus

go-to-hellPierre ChiartanoRome. The triangle Damascus, Moscow, Tehran seemed fragile, crushed between failed internationalist  project of Shia and Sunni revanchism, it appears now are invigorating, like a plant left to dry that suddenly receives a shower of rain. The water comes from the crisis in Iraq, which seems about to explode, where Saudi Arabia and Iran are coming to showdown and the decreasing U.S. interest due to the «Obama Doctrine». As well as an increasingly nervous activism of Paris. The French approach, in a even more Islamized Middle East, is like the effect of salt on the wounds but without sears. The civil war in Syria now seems more a war of position than a blitzkrieg. On the field Salafi’s khatibe (brigades) have control of most of the military operations of the armed opposition, but they realized how difficult it is to go on without air support. In addition to having had the insane idea of ​​shelling positions of Hezbollah on the Lebanese border. On the other hand, the tyrant of Damascus is running out the stocks of Scud missiles. Would have launched more than forty to “soften” the rebels in the north of the country, according to intelligence sources in Turkey.

Russia has warned the Syrian regime and rebels against keep on armed conflict that is likely to lead to a «mutual annihilation». But in the meantime Moscow sent four more naval units off the coast of Syria. «None of the parties in conflict can afford to aim for a military solution», Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said few days ago.

Meanwhile rose the record of people killed on Thursday in the heart of Damascus, at the headquarters of the armed forces. This was announced by state television that has added a long list of injuries. The Syrian government points the finger at al Qaeda indicated as the author of the massacre. The attack was also condemned by the Syrian opposition who spoke of «terrorist» action. In shortcut, it is convenient to many regeional actors Syria remains a battleground, where to give free rein to regional tensions, waiting for one or more players decide that the time has come to close the valve. The mistake is to believe that anybody could have full control over events. The head of the Syrian diplomacy Walid Muallem will be in Moscow on February 25 for talks that Russia hopes will start a new phase of negotiations. While the date for the meeting with the Syrian opposition is not yet on the agenda. At the same time Thursday, the prince of Qatar, Tamin bin Hamad al Thani met with the British Foreign Minister, William Hague. The very active sheik of al Jazeera is ready to sign a check for $ 100 million to turn to the Syrian opposition to buy weapons and supplies. Clearly Thani has not so appreciated the decision of Brussels (Monday) to extend the embargo against Syria banning wepons. Activism and bold policy of Doha in Libya and Syria have caused some damage to Qatar flagship tv channel. Al Jazeera became an unconventional tool for the interests of sheik al Thani. So al Jazeera has experienced a collapse of its credibility. It seems that the public affection for the all-news channel downgraded from 43 million to only 6 million of viewers. The good news is that Arab public opinion – someone said it does not exist – not only there is, but also starts to understand when someone wants to manipulate.

By the way, talking about issue “propaganda” Bashar  is pushing accelarator on pro-government “bull shit”: the «loyalists» of Damascus «represent the absolute majority of Syrians», «we are sure to win, we are assured by the political and military success»; «Syrian diplomatic corps has shown an absolute loyalty».  In shortcut, it is a pleasure to know that the mother of all «nonsenses» not only gives birth in Italy.


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