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Protest in Tunis: une chanson désaccordée

Anti-france protest in Tunis - page 7Pierre ChiartanoRome. The Tunisia still trembles under political setbacks caused by the assassination of Choukri Belaid. We need, however, to understand the actual course of events, because the feeling of a déjà vu is a strong perceiving, something remember us the “novel” of Libya revolution. We have to start with a simple question. How did France 24, few minutes after the murder, knows that the weapon – in the hand of killer – had been used with sound suppressor? The Tunisian media still were not giving any press takes about the killing that the French all-news channel already gave details. If the target of the crime was to topple the government, the mission seems close to be accomplished. Although the ruling Islamic party Ennahda opposed firmly to the formation of a government of technocrats, announced just last night by Prime minister Hamadi Jebali pushed by the violent riots in Tunis. Now complex negotiations started among political forces. But to better understand what is going on, out of the official narrative of the international press agencies, we interviewed by phone a television anchor of Turkish public television (Trt) she is a Tunisian journalist too, Hajar Ben Hassin, who is in Tunis since two weeks. «The chaos and protests that are taking place in the last hour have a target: to topple the government. We’re talking about a series of events linked together, which began with the assault at the U.S. Embassy, ​​followed by incidents in the South (Siliana), and then by the strong opposition triggered by the Workers’ union, to finish with the attack to headquarters of Ennahda then sat on fire».

Tunisian journalist rattles off a domino of events as they were a puzzle of the the same story. «The Prime minister came under pressure by events and he made statement on government resignation to make way for a technical government for transition pourposes, but he did so without consulting the constituent assembly of his own party, Ennahda». Which means that the tensions in the next few days will increase and it will be a hard job to rebuild unity even in the goverment majority. But the question that mind to us mostly is the feeling about external interferences against «Light Islam» goverment that is trying to bring Tunisia over the revolution. «There are forces trying to overthrow a legitimately elected government and all the achivements gains with the “revolutions” in the Arab world. Let’s talk about both, Arab countries who are afraid of change, and of foreign countries who do not want new Islamic democracies take root, because in this way they could no longer defend its interests». But what can we expect in the coming weeks? «The opposition will try to use “blood” flowing in the streets to build a political advantage, all the more reason to accelerate time to go to the polls and end as soon as possible this transition»


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