Beyond the News ما وراء الأخبار

people need to know يحتاج الناس إلى معرفته

To Live and Die in Hezbolland (part III)

20373_296240965792_7108109_nPierre ChiartanoBeirut. South of Lebanon’s  political environment is complicated.  Even people in Beirut don’t considered it as a Lebanese territory. It doesn’t seem to be. There’s lack of reachable and practical roads, electricity is rationed, aqueducts and water purifiers are scarce. Nothing to do with the rich and glittering capital with its gorgeous Corniche. To make matters worse, there is a true mosaic of political parties. “Nobody can count them. We got eighteen religious denomination, each of which spreads in three or four parties” said sadly the Amal mayor of Naquoura who, like all south of the Litani administrators and moukthar, struggles, hoping that help from the central government may arrive. One of the task of the Resolution 1701; the handover between Lebanon Armed Forces (LAF) and blue berets is occurring. The main aim is to achieve recognition of skills and appreciations from the Italian and other UNIFIL soldiers. They seem to move in with care and certain degree of susceptibility, when entering the zone which could be called ‘the minefield of interest’, and which may easily turn into sudden outbursts of violence. Along the roads, there seem to be a growing number of the LAF checkpoints and the territory begins to be controlled. Lebanese security forces have started to play a stabilisation role, as stated by the LAF major- Fawzi Chamoun, who suddenly appeared at the Aytorun meeting. The municipality has been accredited with a little amount of money from Beirut, which still isn’t a significant sum for this challenging territory. “Only three hundred thousand US dollars a year” the amount endorsed for the municipality, told us Kawsan Najib, the deputy of Salim. “It needs twice as much” say mayor loudly. “What you see today is not the city destroyed in 2006. Thanks to the help of many people and institutions, especially NGO’s and the Italian government agencies. Now, the war is over and we just want to think about rebuilding especially in the field of environmental security. We have separate waste collection, thanks to the European funds, and realistic opportunities to expand the urban areas. Tobacco cultivation gives us the means to live”. He also added  “the first municipality dates back to 1961, then in 1975 because of civil war all local authorities were suspended” says Salim. The hardliner of Hezbollah, is a ‘little religious and little socialist’, would even open minds to work with NGOs and Israel. “Some time ago, I invited some American rabbis” he mentioned . Only in 2001 the municipal council was elected. Words are streaming fast from Salim’s mouth,  as the time is passing fast. Lieutenant colonel Enrico Greco from the Italian UNIFIL army told us it’s time to go, that our presence is lasting to long in the same place this could be unsafe. Outside the soldiers are engaged in manoeuvring operations to bring us back. Puma armoured vehicle pulls to the curb in front of the City Hall, ready to escort us towards the coast. The road among big pictures of Khomeini and the martyrs of Allah. (The End)


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