Beyond the News ما وراء الأخبار

people need to know يحتاج الناس إلى معرفته

Tunisian Gospel for salafists

tunisiaby Pierre Chiartano.Tunis. Bardo is a popoular district of downtown Tunis. It is the heart of activities for tunisians, there are government buildings and the foreigners posh neighborhoods are far from, northbound where you can breath every morning the salty air of Mediterranenan sea. La Marsa is a place of nice hotels and luxury villas. It is also the place where start our story about Tunisia, his new government, the outcomes of “Arab Spring”, Ennahda, french guys and the salafist. At first glance this is a list that make not great sense to readers. But we’ll try to achive the task of make you understand. There was a new that poped up in western media as the proof of tunisian “change” failure, and that Ehnnada ruling Islam was not ruling the country but opened the gate for “radicals”, better read ultrafondamentalist or “barbus”. Painting vernisage event was fixed in La Marsa at Palais des arts (June 2012). The scandal supposed to ignite the barbus reaction was a devil image. The new had spread out fast on media, particurarly western ones: OMG barbus are coming in Tunisia! The true story tell other plot and scenario. The vernisage ended without any kind of probelms out of olives and pastries at party (runned out to early), as police officers, witnesses, foreigners and locals had told. What happened? An “helping hand” open the door of Palais des arts one hours after everybody was already gone. When barbus arrived, of course, cameras was there. Government that doesn’t control media at all, had not dispached any denial able to reach western media. Some days after (June) the same guys with long beards assaulted police stations in the capital. Again allarming headlines on media. The true: most of those guys were from notorious district of Tunis, they are well known to police force and to foreign intelligence officers as “ordinary criminals”. Most of them were payd (50 dollars) to mess around. And a lot of other guys, with strong french accent, were noted walking around with pockets full of money rolls, days before riot. Now, after the assault at American school, situation get really though, but who has driven to this aftermath? History help us to better understand. In Islam tradion the conflict between conservatives (the ones in West are wrongly called “moderate”) and radicals casted the framework of muslim culture through the ages. What divided these two mainstreams of muslim world is the traslation of religious values into politic. Conservatives don’t allowed that any faith doctrine spin off in a politcal party. Radicals (salafist) do it. Then we have to stress that there are two kind of salafism: the first love live in poverty following strong basic rules, a bit like catholic franciscans. This kind of salafists have discreetly guarded police stations after June’s sunday turmoils. And nothing happened again. The second type of “barbus” is casted by violent rules, nothing to do with Quoran. Its appearence historically is fast, strong, doesn’t last and fragilize political Islam. Salafism sofar has been a weak point of Islam, because has always driven to fragmentation. Muslim Brotherhood knows it as well as the “stranamore” that are messing around in arabic spring countries. What happened in Gaza, in november, has been a poison gift to egyptian president Morsi, just softened by UN decision on Palestine. “The worse the better” policy is a dangerous initiative in Meshraq and Magherb areas. We have to remember the lesson of antisoviet jihad in Afghanistan or the dirty games that drive saudi wahabbites to lead Mecca, to avoid the same mistakes. Syria is already deep trapped in the same dark game, but for Tunisia is still time for goodwill people to move on and save the memory of Mohamed Bouazizi and the hopes of tunisians.


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