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Food’s Mafia: the shit in the dish

Over the past few years, the food industry has been getting glamour and big numbers – the fashion of multi-star chefs, food seen as a sort of small masterpiece to … Continue reading

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Dancing on the verge of ravine

​ The 2017 is ending with the new rising of Palestinian issue, because the bold and insane choice of US president Donald Trump to move the American embassy in Israel from … Continue reading

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Gangs showdown in Riyadh

​ The very predictable end of the oil age – testified by the rising of Elon Musk’s “green” projects –  and the disastrous outcome of proxy wars in Iraq and … Continue reading

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Clustering Europe? 

​By pierre chiartano for Derin Ekonomi – November 1st 2017 Both Brexit and the Catalan “independence” crisis stated that the UE has reached some limits after over 60 years from … Continue reading

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The “useful idiot” of Pyongyang and Japan’s policy

​Pierre Chiartano for Derin Ekonomi – October 2017 In the North Korea case media “narrative” leads because reality could be quite different. Dangers could lay in other places than on … Continue reading

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Libya and European clay giants

​Pierre Chiartano for Derin Ekonomi – September 2017 There is a place in North Africa where all Europen hipocrisy about the supposed EU integrity, shared values and foreign policy, trust … Continue reading

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The Mosul battle and New Iraq

ERBIL. The battle of Mosul is in the final stage but doesn’t means it will easy or an instant coffee to get. More, the liberation from Daeesh and then the … Continue reading

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