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Blockchain: Revolution or “Newchain” for people

Is the blockchain theory, not one of its application, that matter. Bitcoin is just a spin off, a byproduct of the so called blockchain technology. Is blockchain a killer application … Continue reading

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Food’s Mafia: the shit in the dish

Over the past few years, the food industry has been getting glamour and big numbers – the fashion of multi-star chefs, food seen as a sort of small masterpiece to … Continue reading

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Dancing on the verge of ravine

​ The 2017 is ending with the new rising of Palestinian issue, because the bold and insane choice of US president Donald Trump to move the American embassy in Israel from … Continue reading

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Gangs showdown in Riyadh

​ The very predictable end of the oil age – testified by the rising of Elon Musk’s “green” projects –  and the disastrous outcome of proxy wars in Iraq and … Continue reading

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Clustering Europe? 

​By pierre chiartano for Derin Ekonomi – November 1st 2017 Both Brexit and the Catalan “independence” crisis stated that the UE has reached some limits after over 60 years from … Continue reading

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The “useful idiot” of Pyongyang and Japan’s policy

​Pierre Chiartano for Derin Ekonomi – October 2017 In the North Korea case media “narrative” leads because reality could be quite different. Dangers could lay in other places than on … Continue reading

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Libya and European clay giants

​Pierre Chiartano for Derin Ekonomi – September 2017 There is a place in North Africa where all Europen hipocrisy about the supposed EU integrity, shared values and foreign policy, trust … Continue reading

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